Lessons from Loss

Interesting how a pandemic can make you grateful. Little things all of the sudden seem like really big things. Things taken for granted before seem like the air needed to breathe.

Like many of you we’ve been trying to live by the pandemic guidelines for what seems like years now. While we’ve probably not been as strict as some we have been home in our little space living as full a life as possible while trying not to get too crazy. In a previous post I commented about living small and that the things most missed was seeing the kids and grand babies.

As the mandates started lifting we had a family get together for the first time in months. Our kids arriving with snacks to share and stories and conversations all around. The newest grand baby was introduced to some family for the first time on his 4 month birthday. It made this Nana’s heart so happy to see almost everyone together.

And then today, I saw all my children. In one day. All of them. I dropped lunch off to my son, dropped some coasters off to my oldest daughter and her husband, and got a little snuggle with the newest grand baby. Then stopped by my youngest daughters work for a hug and to congratulate her on her new place. As I left the parking lot of that last stop I was so grateful. Grateful I could see them, hug them, touch their faces. I’ve missed them so much.

A year ago I may have made those rounds, but I might also have put them off until the next day or another day. I probably would have looked at my to-do list and decided I didn’t have time to stop today. I would have reminded myself they were grown-ups and at work or that I had just seen them recently.

Today, you couldn’t have kept me away from them regardless of how far out of the way I had to drive or the number of others things I ‘should’ have been doing. Today, I am incredibly grateful I CAN stop and see them. I can hug them, kiss their faces, tell them I love them in person. So why wouldn’t I? All those reasons that a few months ago would have seemed logical and reasonable, now seem ridiculous.

A recent call to my Aunt reminded me of this truth as well, when she answered her phone and when asked said yes, she was in the middle of something but my call was more important. We’ve learned recently too that sometimes that time is the last time we have the chance.

So pandemic or loss or just because we want to, this is a good time to remember that now is that time to do and say and be all those things we think we have time to do tomorrow. We may have years yet, but we may not and either way that time spent stopping, reminding those we love that they are worth it and giving them that hug or making that call might be the memory that gets us through a time we can’t be together or until we meet again.

I’m going to keep stopping.


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