And…(drum roll please) ….

Minimalism is taking on a new form in my life very soon
I’ve talked about it for a while now
Thought about it for even longer
Read articles about those who’ve made adjustments like this
All to minimize their lives and lifestyles

We sold our home a few months ago
Our big house
Downsized to half the square footage
Got rid of SO much stuff
And decorated the new place very minimally

We’ve gotten debt free
paying off all our bills and living small
We’ve either saved or donated 100% of my income for months
and really scrutinized where we spend our other money

I didn’t know it when we started this journey
but its all been leading to this moment
Or rather the one that will happen just 8 days from now

After years of living each day on the bubble of negative anticipation
Wondering how every day will be and how people will act
Being responsible for those actions whether I agreed with them or not
And rarely being able to leave those issues where they belonged
We’re about to make a change

A big change
A change longed for
And one I approach with great and positive excitement

I am leaving Corporate America
I’m leaving my full time, six figure, 50+ hours a week job

And my plan, you ask?
well, let me see…
I plan to read, sleep, exercise, practice yoga, paint, journal, cook, get healthy, write and participate in anything that looks fun along the way. I’ve started a list of all the things I want to do and spending time with the grand babies and under the beautiful palm trees in Arizona tops it.
For now, the plan is to take a year off, maybe more
We’ll see
And currently, I think if or when I do ‘go back to work’ I’d like to stay out of this field… forever

I have all my reasons
And maybe I’ll share some of them at some point
But now, I’m basking in the knowledge that I have just hours left in this life of medical and corporate management

So, join me on my journey! I look forward to your thoughts along the way. I’d love to hear from those of you who have made a similar choice. I bet I learn a lot of things I hadn’t even thought about.
I can hardly wait for this grand adventure to begin.

Here I go!


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